About Us

Xiamen Lasen Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. its a new company with clear strategic planning , business develop quickly. Not only has Cross-border e-commerce platform but also has foreign trade. Specializes in the business of all variety of outdoor appeals ,shoes, caps and bags and so on. We have employee about one hundred and our annual sales more than one hundred million. Due to our major term with profound experience, so we realize the integration of design ,purchase and sales. Guided by the market, pay attention to quality and original design are ways how to develop own-brand’s . Feixun Garment Co.,Ltd is attach to Lasen group which has powerful produce ability, modern office environment, standard plants,professional design term and advanced equipment . It’s in charge of run the supply-chain ‘s produce of our own brand. Lasen group try to be the forerunner in the clothing filed , and we are devoted to create the influential word brand.